Answered Questions

Q: Can you give me the Motorcraft part number you installed in the tank? Thank you A: Hi it looks like the part I used was PFS48. Hope that helps.
Q: COULD A IN LINE PUMP WORK TEMP ? AS LONG AS IT HAD THE 45 PSI OR MORE PRESUURE A: Not sure, but I suspect it could help. The old pumps don’t appear to hard fail but instead get weak.
Q: Sight unseen with Florida dealer…got a few outside pics…looks good so far. Should be in Tampa on the 24th and if it looks good we will fly there to inspect and buy. Dealer is asking $37,950 as is but even he has not really seen it yet. Anyhow, we may soon own it so your blog is super interesting. Going full time initially as sold our sailboat after 14 years…similar life and gear in may ways.
Tank dumping kind of sucks any way around it, but here are some things we've found that seriously improve the process. 1) Get a good sewer hose.  A good sewer hose like the Camco Revolution Kit which we used with our Winnebago or the Camco Rhinoflex Kit which we use now with the Foretravel are both pretty effective.  A good sewer hose goes a long way to making the dumping process easier and cleaner.