Live Streaming Travel Cam

Whenever we drive anywhere we like to keep a camera mounted in the front of the RV. We use it to record a timelapse video of everywhere we go. We usually travel on Saturdays but to be honest it can be pretty random. We figured it'd be fun to livestream the current image here. You can see past trips at higher quality in the archives or you can find out more information about this.

We shouldn't be moving anywhere today. Our next move is on Monday December 1, 2014 and we are going to Bradenton, FL.
Destination: Bradenton, FL
Last Update: December 1, 2014, 4:05:34 pm
Altitude: 0
Engine Temp: 0
Intake Temp: 0
MAP: 0 in Hg
RPM: 0
Speed: 0 MPH
Battery: 0 volts
Current Location


Hi Piku,
We are on the ForeForum as GKCigar. I look forward to following your blog and meeting up someday in the near future.

Good to have you here. Now that we're actually going to move the beast somewhere we might actually cross paths with someone ;)

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