Sandusky, Ohio

It would be hard to call this review objective. We were pretty lazy while in Sandusky and didn’t do much at all. Therefore we didn’t truly evaluate the whole town thoroughly. That said, we had a good time in our own way here.

Sandusky most certainly has to be considered a tourist town. Simply walking though the Wal-mart parking lot shows you that more people in the walmart were from out of state than from Ohio even. Thus any reported dynamic certainly could change from week to week or even day to day. One group of tourists might be horrible while another one might be great. So we can’t really comment on the people (though all of the tourists seemed pretty normal and nice overall as people on vacation typically are).

Cedar Point Water Tower

Cedar Point Water Tower

There were numerous dining options that we never seemed to make it to. Several very nice French restaurants that would have snubbed their nose at our toddler, so our week’s dining consisted of Chipotle and other chains on the strip of what appears to be brand new or mostly new shops. This wasn’t a bad thing after Tionesta we were happy to see some kind of civilization.

The entire town seems to be shaped like a cone, all emanating from Cedar Point itself. This particular design is pretty cool actually and because of the way it was setup we encountered no traffic our entire time there. This may not be strictly fair because we haven’t enountered traffic that even resembles the east coast since we left and we couldn’t be happier about that.