On our trip out west we meandered from Sandusky Ohio over to Carmel, Indiana. Rather than being a tourist type place, Carmel is on our list of potential places to relocate. It is a smaller city that is 20 minutes north of Indianapolis. We stayed at a very affordable campground called White River campgrond which is a private campground that was taken over by Hamilton County. It’s actually located in Cicero, IN rather than Carmel but it’s pretty close.
Horsham, Pennsylvania happens to be on a lot of “best places to live” lists while simultaneously being the place we have lived for many years before starting out this trip. We didn’t live in Horsham proper but in the surrounding Montgomery County area. Really there is nothing we see that is particularly awesome about Horsham that isn’t available in Willow Grove, Hatfield, Lansdale, etc. Though we would generally recommend locating yourself North of the turnpike and west/north of Bensalem, the entire region is pretty nice but in our opinion slowly degrading.