Just put deposit down on 2000 U320 40' no slide coach 81,000 miles

Q: Sight unseen with Florida dealer…got a few outside pics…looks good so far. Should be in Tampa on the 24th and if it looks good we will fly there to inspect and buy. Dealer is asking $37,950 as is but even he has not really seen it yet. Anyhow, we may soon own it so your blog is super interesting. Going full time initially as sold our sailboat after 14 years…similar life and gear in may ways. Anyhow thanks…any pre purchase inspection advice greatly appreciated!

Carl and Kathleen

A: Wow, I’m ready to jump into a sailboat and out of a Foretravel :-P Good luck. Anyway, that price is way way too low, I would expect to find a wreck of a coach for that price. Be very wary. That coach should be $60K, probably more if in superb condition. You should join foreforums (foreforums.com) as I’m on there and a lot of people can give you advice and check out the coach listing.