A short drive from Des Moines, we stopped at a nice campground in Kellogg, Iowa. It is located right by the highway I-80. The park is very clean and has nice and level pull through sites. We were able to secure a site the furthest from the highway and it provided for a very peaceful stay. The cars driving by offered a faint white noise that we actually enjoy especially during sleep.
Rated as the #1 campground in Pennsylvania on Tripblaze, we figured we had to visit this Corps of Engineering Campground. I don’t want to say we were disappointed but I think we really expected to be wowed by the #1 campground rated on any site. What we found wasn’t mediocre but other issues made for a mediocre total experience. The campground is located along the Allegheny River which sits in between two mountain ranges.
Oak Grove Park & Sales is a small park in the northwestern suburbs of Philadelphia, in Hatfield, PA. Since we lived in Hatfield, we used Oak Grove as a jumping off point while we were selling our house so our multi-month stay has given us great insights into the workings of this park. Oak grove consists of what appears to be a 50⁄50 split of park models and transient sites. Oak Grove Welcome Sign