Walmart-ing along the way – Lexington, Nebraska

We decided to save a bit on lodging along the way, and stay in a few Walmart’s overnight. We use a very helpful RV Parky app on our iPhones to see overnight friendly spots to stay along our route. We drove for a little over 300 miles today, and our day was very peaceful sans any surprises. We started driving around 10 in the morning, and experienced mostly empty roads. We pulled over at a rest area for lunch, and after eating delicious sandwiches and stretching our feet for a little bit, got on our way again. After hours of driving and listening to truckers chat mostly illegibly on CB radio, we arrived at Lexington, Nebraska Walmart. We shared the parking lot with about 3 other RV’s.

I was happy to park and relax. We had a quick dinner of Tuna salad and gave our little one a bath. He stayed up for about an hour and then it was bedtime.

I decided to venture out to get some groceries at this Walmart, as we were running low. I find it easier to get groceries at Walmart instead of disconnecting our toad and exploring a new area in the dark while tired.

This Walmart grocery section was catered to the Hispanic population of the town. At first, I did not realize this, but could not find our usual food brands, like Boboli pizza crust, and Barilla sauce. I actually had to buy a few Great Value brand groceries, simply because this was the only selection available. I also found a case of different beans that you could buy by weight, as well as various rices, and spicy peppers. Mark would in paradise shopping here, as he is a huge fan of Mexican food.

Once I got back to the RV and unloaded the groceries, I finally sat down to relax on the couch, when we heard a startling noise outside. It sounded kind of like a gunshot but we were not sure quite what we heard. We opened the blinds and looked outside to see that a tractor trailer across the street had a tire that caught fire and I guess exploded! We grabbed a fire extinguisher and headed outside to help but were unable to get there quickly due to a wire fence in our way. This trucker had the situation under control though, got his own fire extinguisher and put out the burning tire. He continued driving after a few minutes and turned in the Walmart parking lot to deal with his tire situation.

After all this excitement, we decided to head to sleep. More driving tomorrow. :)