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We’ve been on the move for a few days now. First we visited Howard Park in Tarpon Springs, then we went to Ashburn, GA, then Atlanta to see the Vintage Computer Festival 2.0 (not that SO had any interest in that) and now we’re at Walmart again. I had visions of getting the travel cam running and this and that but I never did. See I’m driving a brand new to me 42’ motorhome and it’s a beast and I decided at the last minute, you know what.
As I wrap up some $ work I’ve been working on, I will now have time to tackle some less important (not $ earning) things. Not that this isn’t a nailbiting time as it always is when a client beats up your work and decides whether or not to give you that final payment ;) We’re FINALLY taking off from Florida in a week so I have to wrap it up here.
It’s been a while so I figured I would post an update. Things have been a bit uninteresting as of late. Highlights include replacing the latching relay that controls our front water pump motor. The one Foretravel included is a solid state job which is supposed to handle like 2 amps. The pump is 7.5 amps so it’s no surprise they go. I’m surprised to see Foretravel made such an oversight.
We’ve just recently passed our 1 year anniversary of fulltiming but our past life in a stick house still constantly nips at our heels in the form of insurance bills, storage unit fees and other bits. We have just finally disposed of one of our problems, my 2002 BMW 540i. We are car enthusiasts and this is a special car. It has a ride that is soft enough to be supple yet firm enough to reliably corner at high speeds.
My significant other is quite the afficionado of molded fiberglass trailers. In fact before we got the Foretravel we looked at the 25’ Bigfoot trailer. Now we got the opportunity to see a brand spankin new Oliver IIS. Wow, it’s the first trailer I have ever liked. To me everything always seemed like a giant compromise the but the Oliver knows what it is and tries to be the best for the purpose.
Previously I posted about the exterior of the new old RV. In case you didn’t see it, we recently purchased a 1999 Foretravel U320 42’ motorhome. Now that we’re settled in and getting used to life in it, I feel more comfortable taking and sharing some pictures. When we originally started looking for a new motorhome I gravitated towards the American Dream/Eagle line of motorhomes. These are very decent but my better half found this Foretravel motorhome.
We got a new RV! It’s a 1999 Foretravel U320 42’. It has a tandem axle, pantograph bay doors and a monocoque chassis so it is very “bus” like. I would say it has more bus features than non bus features. The thing that makes this decidedly not a bus is that it has a fiberglass shell and the skin is not part of the structure in a meaningful way. It took us around 6 months between thinking about making this purchase and finally making this purchase.
Rewind back to our last post. What happened? We were travelling and the dog and the kid got sick. Waking up every morning to a literal storm of poo combined with the child being hideously deformed enough that we felt that we shouldn’t take him out in public (he had something called hand foot and mouth disease) made us decide to call the trip. My mother thought someone beat him up after looking at a picture.
In case you haven’t noticed I haven’t had a lot of time to update the site lately.  The reason is because we decided in Yellowstone to head straight to Florida (we have family in Florida).  There were various reasons that I won’t get into much but we have been driving 300 miles or so every other day including today.  So if you’re sitting at work and bored, check out the roll with us page.
One of the more interesting things I’ve learned as an IT worker is that a lot more of my bandwidth is consumed by the basics than I thought. The basics are things like a OSX Mavericks developer preview updates weighing in a 1GB each. There’s been 7 so far. I have some weird neurosis that requires me to keep my systems up to date. I have 4 physical machines in our rv, 2 android tablets, iphones, etc and all of those devices have their own hefty updates to install.