Kellogg RV Park and Iowa’s Best Burger Café

A short drive from Des Moines, we stopped at a nice campground in Kellogg, Iowa. It is located right by the highway I-80. The park is very clean and has nice and level pull through sites. We were able to secure a site the furthest from the highway and it provided for a very peaceful stay. The cars driving by offered a faint white noise that we actually enjoy especially during sleep.

This campground is adjacent to a gas station and a little café that has very reasonably priced burgers, sausages and ice cream. We went for a nice lunch, and ordered BBQ Beef Sandwich and Polish Sausage. The meal came with a Drink and a side Salad.  Delicious food was had by all and we ate our lunch outside while listening to swooshing of the corn field nearby. 


At dinnertime, we went for a nice walk around the park as a family. Our son enjoyed the playground on the premises. He loves swings, and had a great time.

We would definitely stay here again if passing through the area.

As we were walking back to our RV, we noticed that one of the Diesel pusher owners looked a bit frazzled. Being very familiar with that look ourselves after our recent reliability troubles, we asked him what was wrong? He told us that his home on wheels had a cracked exhaust manifold. He had a mobile mechanic there working on the problem, and his experience with help seemed better than our own. I hope that he was able to get his problem fixed quickly and get underway to his home state of Arkansas after we left.

  • Review Scores
  • Cleanliness: 5
  • Atmosphere: 4
  • Friendliness: 3
  • Activities: 3


Kellogg RV Park
1570 Iowa 224
United States
41° 41' 4.8696" N, 92° 54' 8.4852" W

Cleanliness Explained:
Its clean.

Atmosphere Explained:
Atmosphere is as good as it can get being by I-80.

Friendliness Explained:
Friendly folks will check you in.

Activities Explained:
Good for overnight stay, no real activities.


Curious what the name of the rv park was that you found. We are on this route sometimes and it's always good to find a park that has been recommended. Thanks.

It's literally called "Kellogg RV Park and Best Burger Cafe".  You know how things are in Iowa ;)

Thanks for that. Yes, I do know how things are a little, shall we say, different in Iowa.

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